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 Why is Lionel Messi paid over £500,000 every single week?!

Why do people queue for days outside Apple stores to buy their latest phones?

Why does Coca-Cola spend billions on advertising when everyone knows them already?


These are some of the fascinating questions you'll be able to answer when you study both Business and Economics. These are two incredibly interesting, practical, and valuable subjects, especially for those who are interested in real-life applications. We'll be taking students through the entire curriculum and fully preparing them for their GCSE/IGCSE exams.

Why study Business?

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or simply want to know more about businesses and how they run, this is the course for you. 


You will develop a range of transferable skills, such as:

  • problem-solving

  • logical thinking

  • decision making

  • interpreting and using financial data

  • Analytical and critical thinking

  • Understanding how organisations operate

Business studies will open many doors. If you pursue it at a higher level, you could work within a range of industries such as:

  • Advertising/Marketing

  • Business

  • Teaching/Training

  • Management 

Why study Economics?

Our economics course will give you an in-depth understanding of core economic theories which can be applied to real-world situations. You will learn a range of topics from costs and benefits to predicting human behaviour.


You will develop a range of transferable skills, such as:

  • communication

  • problem-solving

  • research

  • numeracy

  • resource management.

Economics is a widely respected field of study. You can go on to work within a range of industries, such as:

  • Banking

  • Finance

  • Accountancy

  • Government

  • Consultancy

Both our Business and Economics courses are fun, engaging and most importantly, interesting!

What is the difference between  Economics and Business?

Quite simply, Economics is much broader in scope. It looks at issues on a macro-level, which is like a birds-eye view. E.g. what happens to the entire country when we increase tax? It also looks at issues on a micro-level.


Business Studies is much narrower in focus. It concerns decisions made within businesses. It looks at issues on a ‘nano’-level (e.g. how does a change in packaging increase a products life).

There will be a reasonable amount of overlap between Business and Economics. This will help further your understanding if you decide to do both subjects, as you'll recognise the business and economic implications of different scenarios. This will make it easier to prepare for the exams.

What age's can join?

As no prerequisite knowledge is needed apart from simple maths skills, this course is open to students from year 7 to year 10. Parents will know best whether their child is ready to start a GCSE level course.

Can my child do International GCSEs even if we live in the UK?

Yes! International GCSEs are more common than you may think. They're usually preferred by homeschoolers due to being exam-based only and by many private schools as they are internationally recognised. However, if you wish to sit Edexcel GCSE Business, it is very similar and we will accommodate for the slight differences. There currently isn't an option for Edexcel GCSE Economics. 

What can I expect from these lessons?

✓Active group discussions to stimulate ideas and understanding

✓Crucial exam techniques taught to achieve the top grades

✓Homework is marked and feedback is given each week

✓Regular tests to monitor progress

✓Lessons are fun, interactive and engaging

✓Full exam preparation

book bus econ

So, what are you waiting for? Book now!


Saturdays 10am - 11am UK time


Saturdays 11:15am - 12:15pm UK time

Only £8.50 per session

6-week block booking

OFFER: 18% off when booking both courses! (£7 p/session)

Which course would you like to book?

Starting Saturday the 13th of November, 2021

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