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Online Tutoring


Why Tutor For Us?

1. Earn An Excellent Hourly Rate

✓ Well above the National Minimum Wage
✓ Pay goes up according to Key Stages
✓ Get paid direct to your bank account each month

2. Fully Flexible

✓ Work from anywhere with online teaching!
✓ Work around
 your busy schedule

✓ Choose how many hours you work each week
✓ Leave enough time to get on with your personal studies so you don't overburden yourself

3. You Have Control

✓ Choose which areas you can travel to or whether you only want to exclusively tutor online
✓ Male/Female student preferences
✓ Choose the subjects you would like to teach at the level you choose
✓ Choose which students to take on

4. Teach What You Love

✓ One-to-one: Focused, manageable teaching
✓Gain the satisfaction of watching your students reach their potential
✓Access to the Tutorface resource library so you can spend less time planning and more time making a difference

5. Gain...

✓A valuable and rewarding experience
✓Useful transferrable skills to add to your cv
✓Confidence and interactive skills
✓Self-development with our regular tutor training tips
✓Regular support and appreciation as a valued member of the Tutorface team

Our tutors need to:

Commit to students throughout the year, even during personal exam times
Attend each lesson prepared
Set and mark homework each week
Respond to messages from us and their clients as soon as possible
Have achieved at least an A grade or equivalent in the subject(s) they'd like to teach
Be enthusiastic, patient and reliable
Have good communication skills
Give regular updates and progress feedback to parents/guardians
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